Technical Expertise

Let us offer you the technical expertise or consulting that could save you in the long run. Expertise that could include registering your company domain name or working with your Internet Service Provider to put your domain - and presence - on the Web.

  • Convert your existing promotional materials into HTML format for minimal costs. The imaging and messaging that appear on your printed promotional materials can be converted into HTML format.
  • Scan Images (your company logo, graphics, pictures, etc.)
  • Textual document conversion using OCR
  • Create Web forms when needed (feedback, order forms, etc.). The clearest and most tangible means to gauge the success of your Web site is the types of response that you get back from the people who visit your site. Whether they are simple feedback forms or complex order forms, let Beyond Pixels customize your response forms so that you are able to use this visitor information to your benefit.
  • JavaScript
  • Test pages and links. An appealing and complete Web site is the first step toward a Web presence. But, before you put your Web site out there for all to see, let us test your Web pages and verify that all your links work as desired and that your pages appear the same on both Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Dynamic content